Center For Balance

The Center For Balance is the preferred treatment center for balance and dizziness disorders in Cincinnati by physicians and patients in the community.  Dr. Patrick Shumrick has been treating patients with dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders since 1995.  He began seeing patients at the University of Cincinnati department of Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) in 1995.  It soon became evident that the need for the evaluation and treatment of these types of patients in Cincinnati was long overdue.  In 2004, The Center For Balance opened its doors in Montgomery and began treating patients.  In 2008, we opened a second clinic in Anderson to serve the East side and surrounding areas.  Our team of professionals strive daily to meet your treatment goals and to return you to your prior level of safe activities.  We have developed treatment techniques unique to our clinics and patient population and we continue to develop techniques to meet your individual needs.  Our assessment program identifies your problem areas and pin-points which treatment techniques are best for your recovery.

These types of symptoms can be frustrating, overwhelming and lead to a feeling of hopelessness. Simple daily tasks become difficult if not impossible to perform, WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! Our clinics provide a professional yet comfortable setting.  We realize how difficult it is to have these types of symptoms; that is why our clinics are setup in a friendly, personal atmosphere.  There are no loud noises, clanging weights, intimidating surroundings or the feeling of being a statistic instead of a patient.  In our high-tech world, nothing replaces the value of knowledge and experience.